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The Hags


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Corinne Luz
Founder / Managing Editor
Twitter: @WithSharpThings

Published fiction and academic writer, fiber and 2D artist, and co-host of movie podcast CinemaSpection. Loves: Lipstick, horror, and cursing. Please send coffee.


Annie Riordan
Contributing Writer & Pretentious Mountebank.

Published reviewer of horror films/fiction, knows a couple of famous people, totally unqualified, & overrated. Loves: blankets, colors in the 380-530 mark of the visible spectrum, & the F word.

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Jessica Locke
Contributing Writer, General Know-It-All, and Malingerer
IG: @the_locke_jess_monster

Published writer: poetry, prose, movie reviews. Co-author and performer of the Black Mass at the Satanic Temple Salem 2017 – present. Co-owner and operator of Salem Horror Festival. Mother, cat slave, flight attendant, cinephile. Loves: sleep, the smell of a new book and binge watching. Horror snobs can fuck off.