Meet the Hag: LeeAnn

Hag: LeeAnn Rubin

Location: North Shore, Boston, MA

What will you be bringing to H.A.G.?
Dark Art, a love for realistic SPFX makeup, transformation through makeup, disturbing and fogging up the senses with fear.

Was there a specific event, movie, book, TV show, etc that made you realize you are a Hag?
Poltergeist and Poltergeist II: The Other Side, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Pet Sematary…. 

With which horror villain do you feel the strongest connection?
Omg this is soooooo difficult to answer. I’ll go back to my childhood favorite: Freddy Krueger. A burnt skinned serial killer with razor blades on his hands who comes to get you when you’re asleep and your guard is down. “9, 10 never sleep again…”

It’s genius! I feel the strongest connection to him because he was kind of my first (horror movie that is). 

Which horror subgenre is your favorite? 
I love psychological horror.

Is there a horror icon you want to meet?
1, 2, Freddie’s comin for you…

What scares you? 
I will always be afraid of things that lurk in the dark.

What movie/tv show/book/etc went too far for you? 
The Exorcist.  The cross scene, the vomit across the room, speaking in tongues, head spinning, decaying flesh by the day while her body was still alive ….omg they pushed every envelope and crossed every line in that film. 

What is your most anticipated horror movie? 
I’m currently taking recommendations from my fellow Hags.

What horror-genre book are you currently reading?
I love realistic horror so I’m into serial killer and forensic profiling books such as Mindhunter By John Douglas. If I can create a scene or a story in my mind, it aids in my inspiration. Rather than slap prosthetics and fake blood on somebody, I know – in my mind – how and why. I think the onlookers can feel the difference. 

This Hag Recommends:

TV Show: American Horror Story: Coven was my fave.
Album: Black Parade by My Chemical Romance
Comic Book: MY FAVORITE comic book series of all time!!!! The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman.
Make-Up: T.N. Dickinson’s Witch Hazel