Tutorial: Bloody Masquerade

Bloody Masquerade

SPFX Tutorial by LeeAnn Rubin

For this tutorial, I’ve decided to create a faux masquerade mask made out of skin, while the rest of the face will look like the skin has been peeled off.

Step One: Defining the Mask

To start, I apply foundation all over the “mask” area using Mehron Conceal-It Palette. 

Using Mehron Liquid Latex & cotton, I created a thick outline to differentiate the mask from the peeled skin.

By the way, one of my fellow HAGS, Jessica Locke, is my model for this SPFX tutorial! 🖤

Step Two: Messy Base for the Bloody Face

Next, I covered Jessica’s entire face with the same Mehron Liquid Latex and cotton. Blow dry until it’s completely dry to the touch. You don’t want this part of the makeup to be sticky/tacky.

Step Three: Dimensions

I took black, red, green and yellow from the Mehron Paradise Paint Palette and started to fill in the holes and pockets of the “peeled skin.” I also outlined the face in red (using a light hand in application it looks pink) to make the skin look sore.

To enhance her eyes I used Ardell Whispies: The Original Feathered Lash with Invisiband, and I colored in the brows for a more defined look.

Step Four: Underblood

The first layer of blood (the underblood) is for the areas you’ve just painted in. I used Mehron in Bright Arterial to make all of those black, green, yellow holes, pockets, and crevices look as though they’re oozing out from a deeper location.

Step Five: Blood All Over

Now that you have your foundation, underblood, and so on, you’ll want to take your finger and spread blood all over the “peeled skin” area. I used more Mehron Bright Arterial Blood, but with the dark paints underneath, it looks much darker in some areas.

Step 6: Photo Shoot

After completing the makeup, Jessica had the awesome idea of going over to Salem’s own Satanic Temple for a mini-photo session with Baphomet. 

Thanks for KILLING IT with us HAGS!