Tutorial: Pins in the Wound

Pins in the Wound

SPFX Tutorial by LeeAnn Rubin

Step One: The Origin of the Wound

I’ve cut my wrist, creating a wound, and then I’m going to sew up that wound.


Step Two: The Wound

I pour a lengthwise line of Mehron Liquid Latex down my arm.


Step Three: Dry

Completely dry the latex using a blow dryer.


Step Four: Create the Wound

Refer to my last tutorial for how to create a wound.


Step Five: First Aid

For this wrist wound, we’ll be doing some rudementary stitches with safety pins! YAY!! 

Here we go:

  • Step One: Using copper wire and beading pliers, weave wire through your dried latex. This was impossible to do on myself using only one hand but totally possible to do on a client or your weird friends. The copper wires cuts through the latex beautifully.


Now for the safety pins!
This is a great look for a wound. Totally cringe-worthy. Looks super painful. I’m a fan.

  • Step Two: Stick your safety pins in, and add some extra Mehron Blood. I used Bright Arterial and voilà. Now your biggest decision is how many pins to use. I chose to use three — my favorite odd number.


  • Step Three:  Add more pins if you’d like. The more pins, the more disturbing, the more we love it! Step back and admire your bloody work.


You can reuse this wound! 

If you peel it off carefully, you can use Mehron Spirit Gum or more liquid latex to reapply the wound on another location of your body on another day!


Thanks for Killing it with me!

If you have any request for my next SPFX tutorial, give me a shout! 

And remember, when it comes to SPFX Makeup: If it’s not disturbing, it’s not worth it. More is more. Always.