Tutorial: Fresh Wound

Fresh Wound

SPFX Tutorial by LeeAnn Rubin

Step One: The Origin of the Wound (The Weapon)

In this tutorial we will be doing a simple slice by knife wound.

Step Two: Placement

Now that we have our origin, we mark the hand for it’s wound placement. I drew a “cut” line with nude lip liner like Nude Pink, Nude Truffle, or Nude Beige by NYX Cosmetics.

Step Three: Liquid latex.

I used Mehron Liquid Latex in White. What we’re doing here is creating a fake skin to tear open for your wound. Notice I still have my “cut” line in the middle. You never want to lose sight of it.

Step Four: The Cutting

Wait for your latex to dry. You can blow dry to speed up the process if you’re pressed for time. Once latex is fully dry it will be translucent. Using a small scissors, cut along the knife-slice line. I used the actual weapon of choice because I’m a sucker for realism, but you don’t *have to*…

Step Five: Give It a Little Color

Apply foundation to blend the fake skin (latex) with the same color as your real skin tone. Don’t get too stuck on this step. It doesn’t have to be perfect. After all, you’ll be covering it with blood soon.

Step Six: Blood Paste

I used Graftobian Blood Paste here, but you can use any brand. They’re all great.

The blood paste is applied in the middle of the wound for depth and dimension.

Step Seven: Blood Ooze

Fill your wound with blood.I mean REALLY fill it so it oozes out. I used Mehron in Bright Arterial

Let the blood flow.

I let the blood pour out like a real bleeding wound. If you don’t have the time, get a q-tip and guide it in the right direction.

Best of luck with your bleeding wounds!

Thanks for KILLING IT with me! 🖤