Meet the Hag: LeeAnn

Hag: LeeAnn Rubin

Location: North Shore, Boston, MA

What will you be bringing to H.A.G.?
Dark Art, a love for realistic SPFX makeup, transformation through makeup, disturbing and fogging up the senses with fear.

Was there a specific event, movie, book, TV show, etc that made you realize you are a Hag?
Poltergeist and Poltergeist II: The Other Side, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Pet Sematary…. 

With which horror villain do you feel the strongest connection?
Henry Kane chilled me to the bone. I used to quote him all the time, “Let me INNNNN!!” Zelda from Pet Sematary.

I don’t know if I could relate to them so much as they impacted me, and I was drawn to the creation of these characters. My first SPFX makeup came about after watching these movies at around 8 years old.

I used baby powder to whiten my friend’s skin to a death tone, blue eyeshadow to hollow out the eyes, a pen cap taped to the arm with a string of yarn for the IV and a paper bag as the IV bag.

I’ve always been compelled to create in this direction. Our deep psychological well of dark waters are far more interesting to me than anything.

I think you make a choice early on: do you relate to the victims or the villains. I want to create that fear in others. I liken it to taking the audience on a thrill ride.

Which horror subgenre is your favorite? 
I love psychological horror.

Is there a horror icon you want to meet?
Rob Zombie. He always has a clear image; he has carved out a unique path for himself, which I admire and respect. 

What scares you? 
I will always be afraid of things that lurk in the dark.

What movie/tv show/book/etc went too far for you? 
Exorcist took it too far for me, at that time, with the sexual/religious scene. I was raised Catholic so the Regan and the cross scene (you know the one) was overboard for me at 16 years old. I was introduced to true depravity at that moment. I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t know filmmakers could take it “there.”

What is your most anticipated horror movie? 
I’m currently taking recommendations from my fellow Hags.

What horror-genre book are you currently reading?
I love realistic horror so I’m into serial killer and forensic profiling books such as Mindhunter By John Douglas. If I can create a scene or a story in my mind, it aids in my inspiration. Rather than slap prosthetics and fake blood on somebody, I know – in my mind – how and why. I think the onlookers can feel the difference. 

This Hag Recommends:

TV Show: American Horror Story: Coven was my fave.
Album: Black Parade by My Chemical Romance
Comic Book: MY FAVORITE comic book series of all time!!!! The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman.
Make-Up: T.N. Dickinson’s Witch Hazel