Meet the Hag: Jessica

Hag: Jessica Locke

Location: Salem, MA

What will you be bringing to H.A.G.?
A sense of humor and lifelong love of all things horror.

Was there a specific event, movie, book, TV show, etc that made you realize you are a Hag? 
When I was a little girl, the movie Return to Oz scared the shit out of me but I loved it and made my mom rent it for me over and over again.  From that point on, I was fascinated by things that scared me. 

With which horror villain do you feel the strongest connection? 
Hannibal Lecter.  I love to eat, and I detest rude people.

Which horror subgenre is your favorite? 

Is there a horror icon you want to meet? 
There are so many.  One of the ones I most want to meet that I fear I never will is Sam Neill.  I know he’s not what most people would consider a horror icon but he is in two of my all-time favorite horror movies: Possession, Event Horizon, and In the Mouth of Madness.

What scares you? 
The horror of real life scares me more than anything I’ll ever see on screen.  Don’t be a dick.

What movie/TV show/book/etc went too far for you? 
A Serbian Film.  If you’ve seen it, I don’t have to explain it.

What is your most anticipated horror movie? 
Most recently: the new Halloween movie!

This Hag Recommends:

Drink: Any beer from Stone Brewery.
Book: Anything by Jack Ketchum.
TV Show: Hannibal
Movie: Oh, where do I even start???
Video Game: Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
Make-Up: My grandmother always says, “All you need is sunglasses and red lipstick.” Words I live by.
I have a gazillion shades of red. Two of my faves are Bonfire Dance by Necromancy and Archangel by Kat Von D [ed. note: Archangel by Kat Von D was a classic red for warm-skin tones and is, sadly, discontinued.]