Tutorial: Fresh Bruise

Fresh Bruise

SPFX Tutorial by LeeAnn Rubin

Step One: How Did It Happen?

Every wound needs a backstory. 

This one happened by hammer.

Step Two: The Shape

Now that you have the origin of your wound, the next step is to create the shape of the bruise. 

Using Mehron Paradise Paint in Black, I created a circle where I was hit. To apply the powder, I used a medium-sized eyeshadow brush.

Step Three: The Blood Beneath The Skin

After creating my black bruise circle, I gently went over it with dry Mehron Starblend Cake Makeup in Red, patting it over the entire area with the medium eyeshadow brush.

The mixture of colors creates a nice purple hue.

Step Four: Final Touches

I went back to Step Two to really define the black circle. 

Then as a final touch of realism, I used Graftobian Blood Paste just to give it that “smashed so hard it broke through the skin” look.

I hope you enjoyed my mini-tutorial!

Thanks for KILLING IT with me!